Hermitage Dwellers
Hermitage Dwellers


Director: Jan Bosdriesz
101 min., 2008, rus. sub.


2011, 10 may, Moscow



16 october, Perm

15 april, Saint-Petersurg


Jan Bosdriesz’ father was a fanatical collector of gramophone records. Most exotic and romantic were the records by the banned Russian singer: Pyotr Leshchenko, popular Russian singer from the nineteen thirties and forties. In the film, Jan Bosdriesz will go looking for any memories he can find in Eastern Europe of Leshchenko. During his research trip, he was however repeatedly confronted with memories of the family he grew up in. That in turn became an important part of the film.


About the film:

The film has been screened at festivals in The Netherlands, US, Romania and Germany. The film was also broadcasted in The Netherlands.


Алена ван дер Хорст

About the director:

After his graduation at the Dutch Film Academy in 1966, Jan Bosdriesz started as the editor of Turkish Delight (Paul Verhoeven). Since 1975 he has directed dozens of documentaries and one fiction feature film. His documentary Metamorphose on the Dutch artist Escher won the Rockie Award for best art documentary at Banff 1999.




Poster: here



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